Our S.B.R College

S B R College is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing professionals in many disciplines, who make a difference globally. S B R College faculty aren't only involved in teaching but they also pursue rigorous research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For the scholars who are motivated to pursue their academic research and take up the most important challenges of the 21st century, S B R College is that the ultimate destination. Located within the Badh, Patna. S B R College was established within the year 2009 and offers 13 undergraduate and graduate programmes. the various academic programmes attract nearly 2000 students from all parts of India. S B R College prides itself of getting an outsized notable alumnus from round the country.

Life at S B R College is quite just academia; community members pride themselves on their curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in art, sports, clubs and forums. At S B R College, students are encouraged to participate in education and recreation with an equivalent passion, drive and work ethic as they are doing within the case of academics to succeed in their complete potential, intensity and commitment. to place it during a nutshell, life here has no boundaries.

Students are given adequate exposure to realize knowledge by encouraging them to try to to industry internships and participate in student exchange programs globally, which help them to achieve worldwide experience in reputed industries and universities.

Why Choose Us ?

An excellent and simply accessible location in Badh, Patna. Systematic decide to develop much needed intellectual capital. A sustained commitment to figure for the betterment of the scholars coming from different sections of the society and enabling them to take care of contact with the experts from the industry. Comprehensive education and research programmes aimed toward a radical understanding of the worldwide Economy. Extensive student support networks of teachers, administrators, counsellors and mentors.

Summer internships for enhancing employment prospects. Proper guidance for locating out full-time work, developing employability and skill to develop familiarity with career services after graduation.

Our Courses

Bachelor of Science

S B R College offers B.Sc. While the university has designed the essential syllabus, we've introduced innovative skill enhancement courses where the students learn Applied Optics and Basic Instrumentation techniques. In these courses, students "learn by doing".

Bachelor of Commerce

The B.Com(Hons.)/B.Com course comprises of various unique subjects viz. Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, Business and company Law, E-Marketing, Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management., Human Resource management etc.

Bachelor of arts

One of the foremost wanted courses for college kids who wish to explore while learning-surely meant for college guys who wish to not follow the beaten path. Unlike honours courses, BA Programme course offered by the
Patliputra University.